A new brand with 30+

years of experience

We believe that time and surroundings are the most important factors for a good and healthy life. Time goes by, but those special moments are the ones you don’t want to forget. It is up to each one of us to choose what we find best for ourselves.

Ivan Živanović


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Working space on over 4500 m2

provides us with unhindered growth

So far we have not written about the capacity of our production. It’s time to say something about it. Every tool, model, a product from our range is produced in our factory. Ideas from start to finish are implemented by engineers in our hall.

They allow us to produce and deliver a minimum of 3 pool tubs per week. Opportunities to speed up production and duplicate and triple the current capacity for us are not a problem for the aforementioned reasons.

Mint as a new brand in the pool industry was created as a result of a symbiosis of two companies, each with over 27 and 40 years of experience in their business areas.

Business areas of one founder are closely related to high-quality polyester products for the global and European market Nelt Titel.

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The other company is Alfa Bazeni with more than 25 years as a pool contractor. Those two companies combined their knowledge and experience in their fields and created high-quality products which will positively affect on pool industry overall.

How did Mint Pools start?

We have dedicated time to perfecting our manufacturing technique, so now we are pleased to offer you a high-quality product.

For almost one year we were tried to find the best solution for the industry with big attention on market needs. When we mention that need it’s based on the high-quality product available in a short period of time. That gives us a step forward in our aim to archive our mission.

We provide fast in-ground installation

Cheaper construction, sometimes without concrete ground (base)

Mint pool doesn’t contain any metal parts or reinforcements

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