One of the key factors in the pool industry

Providing custom-made pools in this way, we get reliable products and have a high level of performance, which is the basis of our work.

Production process

It is important to state that each Mint product has a tool from which it is made, and therefore all products from the Mint range are made without extensions and the use of tools from other products.

In this way, we get products that are reliable and have a high level of performance, which is the basis of our work.

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With the use of the highest quality materials such as polyester, fiberglass and polyurethane


the cross-section of the wall

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the cross-section of the floor

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We approach the creation of each product from Mint Pools carefully in order to achieve a perfect and identical look. Manual work of certain parts of the pool. Machines cannot replace the manual manufacture of certain parts. This is especially important because one of the processes in production involves “handmade” work.

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We use polyurethane to protect pool walls and the ground floor. Using these materials gains strength, water resistance, impact, and even resistance to different temperatures to which the pool is exposed wherever it was positioned.

These mentioned characteristics are only a few that the pool gets using this type of protection, and it is a guaranteed quality pool that clients around the world can use in all weather conditions. Not to mention the possibilities of various activities in the pool that this material allows. In the end, however, safety and longevity are the most important to us.

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Polyester is one of the basic swimming pool materials because it has a high resistance to chlorine, which is the perfect basis for maintaining water hygiene. It is clear that swimming pools are always positioned in the sun, so the swimming pool material must be resistant to UV radiation – which every Mint pool practices.

Non-slip characteristic Bench and Steps

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What’s so special about Mint Tub?

Pool benches inside every mint tub are made specifically for relaxing with high-quality material and nonslip surfaces so they can be comfy and safe at the same time.


We create One-piece Polyester Swimming Pool Shell

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By combining simplicity and efficiency, we get the fastest way to reach our goal. We believe that time and the environment are the most important factor for a beautiful and healthy life.

Time passes, moments in time are remembered. Together we can make our time, bring the best opportunities in a healthy environment!

After long market research and clients’ demands, we found MINT as the most simple, efficient, and the most practical for improving life quality on short notice.

In order to prevent osmosis in the Mint blend, we use vinyl ester resin

Pool Installation

Our distributor in Serbia is currently in the construction process.

Our tub finds its place in one of the exclusive areas in a small backyard. This way of pool building is a quick solution for even clients who decided to buy a pool even during the summer.

before after
before after 2

Mint is made of highly recommended blends of materials so it’s will last for a long period of time.

Mint is adapted to a time of fast living and new living occasions. New life trends have shaped the life of each of us require adaptation to the same. Everyone deserves their time to relax, which is getting shorter with obligations, therefore – it should be used to the maximum.

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